Bolt-on Brake Spider Axles
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Brake Spiders
Spindle Nuts


In 2007, MTH started manufacturing brake spiders for Dana Corporation. Shortly thereafter, Hendrickson purchased Dana's Trailer Products Division and MTH continued to supply brake products to Hendrickson through Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake Division. In 2008, MTH Manufacturing received ISO9001 Certification. 


In the subsequent years, MTH achieved steady growth by diversifying its customer base. These customers include:

  •  Dana Corporation. Trailer Products Division
  •  Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake Division
  •  Hendrickson International
  •  Dexter Axle
  •  KG Industries
  •  Unison Engine Components
  •  ARD Industries



Further diversification was achieved through the introduction of new products, including:

  •  New brake spider designs (Machining and Assembly)
  •  Spindles
  •  Axle Beams
  •  Axle Tube
  •  ABS Brackets
  •  CAM Brackets
  •  Spindle Plugs
  •  Spindle Nuts
  •  Fabricated Drop Axles



In 2012 MTH relocated to a 35,000 Sq. Ft. facility in Elmvale, Ontario. The added space was quickly used up with the addition of new metalworking equipment; including CNC turning and rotary surface grinding capabilities. In 2013, an axle assembly line and assembly press capability was added.


Most recently introduced was a fabricated drop axle design (Pat. Pend), which is currently undergoing product validation testing.